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A Great NAME

Why should you begin your online business journey with a Domain Name ? Because it will be your most Vital Asset going Forward - because it can be many things - whatever YOU SAY.....


The Superb IDEA

Once you have the Domain Name that inspires you, that evokes ALL your Passion, it won't be long before The Most Excellent Business IDEA occurs to you. The One you just gotta Run With.....



You are not alone - your Domain Name becomes the Rallying Point that every member of your Hand-Picked Team will focus on - while they are constantly striving to deliver Excellence.....


Our Affordable Rental Rates :


You are just starting out and on a budget. Renting gives you a chance to check things out, at a minimal cost to you.

$ 99 /1 Year

  • The Domain Name is yours to use for one whole year worth of Experience.
  • Along with the Content Management System ( C M S ) of your Choice : Wordpress, Drupal, Joomla, Grav, etc.
  • AND one whole year of Web Hosting ! Value Packed choice if you are so low on the dough but still chock full of Gumption !
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You know you really like the Domain Name and will be committed to developing for it.

$ 149 /2 Years

  • You have the right of first refusal in regard to the purchase of the Domain Name - and the price of the Domain Name remains fixed for two years.
  • You need to be Completely Satisfied with your CMS - however, you have WebMaster Privileges if you want to go with your own Web Design Group.
  • Two whole years of Web Hosting are included - Naturally !
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You want to avoid risk. You want to own the Domain Name. So this is your Down Payment Option - leading to Ownership.

$ 189 /3 Years

  • You really need to buy any Domain Name that you are working so hard to Develop.
  • If you cannot afford to buy the Premium Domain Name of your Choice - you need a Strategic Business Partner.
  • The Domain Investment Bank IS that Partner - and the Ultimate Solution in Domain Name Acquisition !
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The World is Your Oyster - Eight Billion People Await YOU - what are you waiting for ?

Yes. We Know. You need that top-notch to-die-for Primo DOMAIN NAME. They all seem to be taken in .com - and nobody seems to want to go anywhere else - yet. You have been searching and searching for something that is AFFORDABLE - and you feel like affordability just does not exist. You would consider Tumblr or Flickr - but hey, even THEY are taken.....

You fully understand and appreciate how vital your Domain Name is to your Business, and your Whole Life going Forward. You are a Class Act, scrupulously particular in your choice of ANYTHING - especially if it is Design Related - in a world where Image seems to be EVERYTHING. Someone like you needs to know that there is a way for you to get exactly what you need.....


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